Anti-earthquake Sandwich Panel Exterior Wall

Anti-impact Building Material Cement Sandwich Wall Panel Heat transfer coefficient(R factor):<=2 Surface density:70-110kg/m2
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Let me introduce the concrete sandwich wall panel building material:

The composite lightweight sandwich partition wall board is a new type of energy-saving wall material. It is a wall material with a hollow-like floor shape, but it has male and female gutters on both sides. It only needs to be erected when installing, male and female. Apply a small amount of caulking mortar and dock them together. The lightweight partition board has the advantages of light weight, high strength, multiple environmental protection, thermal insulation, sound insulation, fire prevention, rapid construction, and reduced wall cost.

EPS introduction

Talk about features of panel:

1, light weight: similar to wood, can float on the water. It can reduce the building's own weight and greatly reduce the overall cost of the building.

2, fire prevention.

3, sound insulation: due to its porous structure, it has good sound absorption and sound insulation properties.

4. Insulation: Due to the microporous structure inside the material, the thermal insulation effect is greatly improved.

5. Impermeability: Because the material consists of many independent small pores, the water absorption and humidity are slow, and the time required for the same volume to absorb water to saturation is 5 times that of clay bricks. When used in a bathroom, the wall can be directly pasted after the interface is processed.


About the Usage of interior sandwich cement panel :

Office,Residential houses ,School, Hospital ,Public Building Hotel and Entertainment Place


Packing methods:

1.      Free packing, normal pallet+ packing belt

2.      Standard exporting packing, good pallet+ pearl wool+ corner protective paper+ packing bell+ plastic thin film


ZJT Company

In the trend of low-carbon and energy-saving in domestic, ZJT is on a?mission environmental protection, and actively promoting the development and popularization of green building materials. The composition of the materials?of?ZJT energy-saving wall panel strictly?implements?national GB6566-2001 Building Materials Radionuclide Limited standard, which belong to the main of the radioactive building materials and a kind of decoration materials, 100% do not contain harmful substances in humans, and in high temperature combustion state, the release of excessive part also can be operated in an efficient range so it has no direct threat to human. At the same time, the construction of the product itself almost do not produce construction waste, in the demolition of buildings the product has the reuse rate of as high as 72%-93%, so these features make it surely become one of the most environmental protection administration of green environmental protection building materials


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